Former Dem majority leader of California’s Senate slams Democrat Party’s wokeism

Joe Biden/ Facebook

A prominent California Democratic official with spotless non-white, non-male credentials has astoundingly bad news for her party. She says the party of Joe Biden is in serious, serious trouble with Hispanic voters in the Golden State.

Why? Because the party won’t wake up to the fact that “woke”-ism is shaping up to be political suicide.

In an editorial appearing at, Gloria Romero points to a mid-April Quinnipiac poll showing that a mere 26 percent of Latinos approve of the way Joe Biden is performing as the president who mysteriously managed to defeat Donald Trump.

It’s a nearly 10-point drop in Biden’s approval rating among Latinos from as recently as April 6th, when he scraped up a paltry 34 percent.

“Latino discontent with this administration is obvious in even the bluest of states,” writes the former Democratic majority leader of the California State Senate, the first woman to ever hold that position.

“I am on the brink of leaving the Party and the roots of my disillusionment run deep.”

Romero went on to cite April 13 survey results released by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies: Only 51 percent of Latino voters in the Democratic super-state of California approve of Biden’s job performance, a dizzying drop from the previous year’s 69 percent approval rating.

“Latino consultants (the political coyotes) are lining up to get hefty financial contracts, promising the party elites that they’ll bring those bad, wandering sheep back to the Democratic plantation. But it’s too little, too late. Not content to be ‘the little brown ones,’ Latinos — from Cuban Americans in Florida to Mexican Americans in Texas and beyond — are giving double middle fingers to the Democrats and their political coyotes. Trust me – this is my community.”

Saying that her party once claimed to represent the working class and “little guy,” Romero flays them for adopting ideals that are anti-tradition, anti-child, anti-law-enforcement, anti-business and even anti-human:

“The modern progressive Democratic Party increasingly leans toward socialism, bewildering definitions of the genders, greater state-control of our children, infanticide defined as reproductive rights, and of course, hostility to the idea of border and law enforcement.”

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