France unveils new law to fight Islamist radicalism

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin speaks during a media conference at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Wednesday. Darmanin said he was asked by Macron to organise a parliamentary mission to fight anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim acts

Finally acknowledging that it might have a problem with some 5 million Muslim immigrants who have basically grabbed the country by the throat, France introduced a new law on Dec. 9 banning gender segregation at swimming pools and making school mandatory from the age of three.

President Emmanuel Macron is promoting the move, aimed at rooting out Islamist radicalism and “separatists” who are undermining the nation, reports

France has seen several gruesome and high-profile Islamist terrorist attacks, such as the public beheading of a teacher in October who had shown cartoons of Mohammed in his classroom. Shortly after, an attack inside Nice’s largest church left three people dead.

The proposed legislation targets home schools, mosques or organizations that promote ideologies that run counter to French values and lead to extremism.

Along with preventing enforced gender segregation at pools, the bill also proposes mandatory school from age three, which is aimed at so-clandestine schools run by fundamentalists to promote their own agendas.

Another article encourages mosques to register as places of worship, making them more publicly visible. Many of the nation’s nearly 3,000 mosques, which often support Quranic schools, are currently classified as associations.

Foreign funding for mosques would have to be declared if it exceeds 10,000 euros ($12,128). Some are claiming that the draft law is too soft, or is just a political ploy by Macron ahead of 2022 presidential elections to win followers on the


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