France’s Marine Le Pen found not guilty of hate speech over an ISIS tweet

Marine Le Pen

When accused of being as extremist and radical as ISIS, which burned, blew up, drowned and video-executed its enemies, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen went so far as to post images of these very same ISIS atrocities.

What did it get her? Charged in her own country with hate speech for disseminating “violent messages that could seriously harm human dignity.”

Almost as if her posting of the pictures were as horrific as the pictured acts themselves.

Le Pen was acquitted on May 4, however, of breaking hate speech laws in late 2015 when she posted the images on Twitter, reports The three images included one of the decapitated body of American journalist James Foley.

A prominent television interviewer had just compared her party, which burns, tortures and executes no one, to the Islamist militant group.

Le Pen said she shared the pictures to show the absurdity of the comparison and denied any wrongdoing, saying that the trial was politically motivated. Le Pen’s defense lawyers said after the hearing that freedom of expression had been successfully defended.

Prosecutors had sought a fine of 5,000 euros, well under the maximum sentence of three years in jail or a 75,000 euro penalty.

Polls suggest Le Pen will be President Emmanuel Macron’s main challenger in next year’s election.


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