Free Speech Matters flyers delivered at University of Georgia

This is a photo of Peter Vlaming.

Peter Vlaming

In 2018, Mr. Vlaming was fired from his job as a French teacher at West Point High School in Virginia for refusing to use male pronouns when addressing a transgender student.

Mr. Vlaming told school officials that his religious conscience prohibits him from intentionally lying by having to refer to a female student as a male.

But with that refusal to lie, the school put their knee of Mr. Vlaming’s neck and suffocated his right to free speech and terminated his job.

To you, Mr. Vlaming, thanks for showing the world that Free Speech Matters.

Reagan Escude

This is a photo of Reagan Escude.

Miss. Escude, from Shreveport, Louisianna was terminated from her job after criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement from a Christian perspective.

She produced a video that said Jesus offered a better way to resolve racial tensions than the Black Lives Matter movement.

But after that video was published, the death threats poured in, not only against her, but her employer as well.

The business owners, fearing for their own safety, felt they had no choice but to fire Miss. Escude.

To you, Miss. Escude, thanks for your courage in showing the world that Free Speech Matters.

Kyle Cornell

This is a photo of Kyle Cornell.

Mr. Cornell was fired from his job as a news anchor at WTAM in Cleveland, OH when he said Kamala Harris was the “first colored vice presidential candidate.”

The cancel culture not only went crazy but went to work to get Mr. Cornell fired over his supposedly racist remark.

Within hours, the news station issued a statement saying the use of the word “colored” is “extremely offensive” and promptly fired Mr. Cornell.

Perhaps they should tell that to the nation’s largest African-American civil rights group: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.         

Mr. Cornell gave a groveling apology, said he was sorry, asked for forgiveness.

It was a futile request.  Because to the media, universities, Black Lives Matter and liberal leftists, Free Speech does not Matter.

But does it to you?  If so, please sign our Free Speech Matters petition and let’s get this albatross off our necks so we can breathe freely again…to say what we want, write what we want and wear what we want that speaks the truth!


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