Free Speech Proponent Canceled From Rutgers Due to ‘Islamophobia’

Islam critic Lisa Daftari called a back-pedaling offer by Rutgers University to reschedule a speaking event an "insincere, last-minute PR attempt" to deflect an appearance of bias. (CNS News photo)

Jewish Journal – Rutgers University canceled a speaking event for Lisa Daftari, a regular Fox News guest and journalist with expertise in the Middle East, foreign affairs and counterterrorism, after some students accused her of Islamophobia.

Daftari, a Rutgers alumna and Iranian Jew, was scheduled to give a speech on Oct. 16 titled “Radicalism on College Campuses” and discuss free speech at universities. Some students objected to Daftari’s speaking event; Adeel Ahmad, who studies Art & Science at Rutgers and is the president of the university’s RU Progressives organization, started a petition accusing her of being an “Islamophobe.”

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