French, UN Socialist Authorities Mull Death of Expensive ‘Tetraplegic’

National leaders in France and a United Nations human rights council are grappling with a court-approved doctor's decision to "euthanize" (kill) Vincent Lambert against his family's will. Lambert is a tetraplegic in a vegetative state since a 2008 car crash. (AFP News photo)

AFP News – The doctor of a Frenchman whose family has kept him alive in a vegetative state for a decade has informed them he plans to take the patient off life support this month, lawyers said Saturday. Vincent Lambert, 42, was left a tetraplegic after a car accident in 2008.

Doctors later determed his severe brain damage was irreversible. Lawyers for Lambert’s parents, who are fighting to keep him alive, told AFP the doctor would carry out his decision sometime during the week of May 20.

A French court backed the doctor’s decision early this year, a ruling upheld last month by France’s State Council on the validity of laws and legal decisions.

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