Freshman orientation includes “Sexual Chocolate” presentation at George Mason Univ.

Hot conversation about safe sex, along with some tasty chocolates, were part of a freshman orientation Tuesday at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

In a PowerPoint presentation called “Sexual Chocolate,” students watched and discussed giving consensual consent to sex and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

There were even suggestions on how to pour chocolate syrup on a partner for some safe-sex fun, according to College Fix. Nearly 100 students attended the event which was organized by the Student Support and Advocacy Group.

The student group advertised the event as “a taste of safer sex.”

“Use chocolate in sex play,” students were told. “Chocolate body paint and chocolate syrup can improve your sex life by bringing more fun into the bedroom.”

Guest speaker Stefanie Rhodes flipped through the presentation and warned students, “Always be careful about integrating food into sex play if you are actually going to have intercourse because oil and chocolate can break down latex. You can save the chocolate for foreplay.”

Though students were “highly encouraged” to attend the welcome week presentation, the event was not a requirement.


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