From Red, White, and Blue to Hammer and Sickle: Librarian President’s Disgusting Declaration Will Leave You Seeing Red!

American Library Association President Emily Drabinski Sends Shockwaves Through the Literary World

“I’m a Marxist lesbian!” she bellows with pride. Can you believe it?

This is no fevered rant at some far-left protest. No, it’s a boast made by Emily Drabinski, the American Library Association (ALA) president.

And as you might expect, all hell has indeed broken loose!

Marxist? Lesbian? And the president of the ALA? What in the world is going on here? How did this happen? And more importantly, how is this compatible with American values?

Some Republican lawmakers are as flabbergasted as I am. They’re fighting to halt federal funding to the ALA, which is raking in a staggering $240 million this year alone.

That’s YOUR money, your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. And what is it going to? To someone who proudly proclaims, “I was excited to highlight and celebrate two aspects of my identity that are really important to me (lesbianism and Marxism).”

I mean, is she actually serious about this? Marxism? A philosophy that’s left hundreds of millions dead, millions more enslaved, entire nations brought to ruin?

She’s proud to be a “radical librarian,” as she puts it. But what does that mean for our libraries? For our children? For our culture and our country?

This is not some fringe issue. It’s not a sideshow. This is the heart and soul of what’s happening in our nation right now.

It’s a symptom of a disease that’s spreading across our institutions, driven by people who are hell-bent on tearing down everything that’s made America great.

And that’s not all! It gets worse. Much worse.

From Drag Queen Story Hours to Radical Literature

Under the leadership of this self-proclaimed Marxist, the ALA is pushing radical and sexually explicit books in our school libraries right under our very noses. Books like “This Book is Gay,” “Genderqueer,” and “Lawn Boy,” all riddled with explicit and graphic depictions of sex, masturbation, and more. For little children!

What kind of sick mind thinks it’s appropriate to put this trash in front of innocent children? Who gave them the right to sexualize our youth?

Thank goodness there are still those out there with their heads screwed on straight.

States like Montana are standing up and taking action! They’re severing ties, pulling funds from the ALA, and making it crystal clear they won’t stand for communizing in their communities.

Tom Burnett, a brave and clear-minded member of the Montana State Library Commission, said their oath of office forbids them from being associated with a group led by a Marxist. And thank God for that!

But Emily Drabinski isn’t done. She further revealed her twisted intentions: “I think libraries are deeply political organizations, and neutrality is a fantasy.”

Neutrality a fantasy? Emily, that’s the CORE of what libraries are meant to stand for!

Libraries are supposed to be sanctuaries of knowledge, not dens of anti-American, Marxist indoctrination. They are not supposed to be propaganda machines for Karl Marx!

What Drabinski and her ilk are doing is nothing short of a full-frontal assault on the very essence of what America is all about. They’re twisting and corrupting our most cherished institutions, turning them into weapons for the Red Machine.

Founded more than 100 years ago as a nonprofit group, its mission was to promote libraries and library education all over the world.

Sounds noble, right? But let’s dig deeper. It’s received millions and millions of taxpayer dollars.

Porn Okay for Children But Keep Christ Away

This year, they’re using your money to promote “drag queen story hours” across America, exposing innocent children to lewd sexual topics.

But being the hypocrites they are, they’re also spending that money on PREVENTING story hours for Christian children’s books, like the ones held by Kirk Cameron.

It’s a slap in the face to every hardworking American family.

Here’s another juicy tidbit about the ALA:

In 2003, in United States v. American Library Association, they lost a suit that went all the way to the Supreme Court. They wanted to strike down the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act, which blocks children’s access to obscene material, child pornography, and other content deemed harmful to minors.

Think about that for a second.

The ALA, an organization entrusted with the education and well-being of our children, fought against a law meant to PROTECT those children from the darkest, most depraved corners of the internet.

They lost, thankfully, but the very fact that they took this stance should send chills down your spine.

How did we get here, America?

How did we get to a place where an organization supposed to stand for education and enlightenment is now pushing drag queens, Marxism, and porn on our children?

And what about the Democrats? Where are they in this fight to protect our values?

Have you heard a peep from them? Are they in favor of Marxism? Are they standing with arms open, welcoming the onslaught of gender and homosexual ideology being pushed on our children in taxpayer-funded libraries?

Their silence is not just disconcerting, it’s deafening. It screams volumes about where their loyalties lie, and it’s not with the hardworking American families who see their values shredded and tossed aside.

But let’s take a moment to applaud those standing up for what’s right.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and some of his courageous colleagues have recently sent a letter to Institute of Museum and Library Services Director Crosby Kemper, demanding an investigation into the ALA’s potential abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Abuse? That’s putting it mildly. It’s an all-out assault on decency and America herself, and it’s about time someone took notice!

The fight has begun, and thank goodness for that.

The future of our libraries, those once proud beacons of knowledge and learning, hangs precariously in the balance. We must not, we cannot allow them to be destroyed by the radical ideologies of a few unhinged individuals.


  1. The ALA is a privately funded organization. So this lie of $240 million in taxpayer dollars that you’re telling is truly hilarious. It would have taken you literally 2 minutes to discover where ALA gets its money, from their treasurers’ website. Any of this so-called federal funding has been received through grants. Don’t let facts get in the way of your fear mongering, though!

    Poorly researched opinion piece meant to stoke panic.


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