Gagged and Muzzled: The Terrifying Reality of Three Recent Polls

Jailed and muzzled? This is not an exaggeration if the ones who make Darth Vader look like a teddy bear get their way.

If three recent polls hold any water, they could be so earth-shattering that you’d better keep a defibrillator handy with your morning coffee when you read the news. Mind you, I’m not saying this lightly.

Now, I don’t normally trust polls any more than I trust Joe Biden to navigate a flight of stairs without toppling over. But if, and that’s a big if, there’s even a shred of truth in these recent surveys, you might want to start rethinking this country’s future.

What will it look like?

I invite you to take a quick detour to your local pound. Look into the eyes of a muzzled puppy dog, trapped in a 4×4 cell, and see a haunting reflection of your own fate.

Jailed? Muzzled? An exaggeration?

Not if the woke stormtroopers who make Darth Vader look like a teddy bear get their way.

Our fundamental freedoms – speaking our minds, engaging in honest debates, and questioning the norms – are all on the line here.

Here’s a staggering piece of information from a Newsweek survey: An alarming 44 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds – the generation supposed to be our future, mind you – think that ‘misgendering’ someone should be a criminal offense.

Let that sink in. A criminal offense! We’re not talking about actual crimes like assault or theft. No, we’re talking about refusing to use a preferred pronoun.

Lord forbid someone should put saccharin in my morning coffee rather than table sugar, my preferred sweetener. Doesn’t my preference count?

Imagine ending up behind bars for this. Denying someone’s preference!

Picture navigating through the brutal reality of prison, and when faced with a bullying inmate, your best defense is, “Careful, I’ve been known to mix up my pronouns.” Maybe that’s a winning argument in some posh, politically correct “Snowflake Prison,” but you wouldn’t want to try that line in Riker’s Island.

Here’s the disturbing part. If such laws were implemented against misgendering, convictions would be as guaranteed as Joe Biden sniffing the hair of yet another five-year-old girl.

It’s part of the broader strategy the LGBT movement has employed for decades – making heterosexuals feel their “pain,” generating pity and enforcing acceptance through guilt.

And the worst part? It’s working.

Let’s look back a couple of decades.

In 1996, a mere 27% of Americans supported same-sex marriage. But by 2021? That figure skyrocketed to 70%.

What about gays serving in the military? In 1994, only 44% of Americans were on board with the idea. But by 2021, that had jumped to 71%.

And then there’s the issue of adoption. In 1999, just 38% of Americans supported gays adopting children. Fast forward to 2020, and that figure had climbed to 61%.

The pattern is clear. It’s right there in black and white. The more the LGBT whimpers, the more Americans wipe rivers of tears from their crying eyes and cave.

Now, read this.

Rachel Levine, the Transgender Assistant Secretary of Health, had the audacity to claim last July that a parent refusing to acknowledge their child’s chosen gender identity might push that child to suicide.

According to this guy (a male pretending to be a woman), parents using the ‘wrong’ pronoun are putting a noose around their child’s neck. How’s that for extreme?

These liberal elites would have you believe it’s more humane and compassionate to use the ‘right’ pronoun rather than risk “ruining” a child’s life. It sounds so simple when they put it that way.

But they conveniently ignore the darker side of this so-called ‘compassionate’ solution. They won’t discuss the catastrophic health problems that come with what they euphemistically call ‘gender-affirming care.’

Oh no, they won’t mention the medical or psychological complications.

They’d rather point their finger at you and me, accusing us of being the villains for daring to use scientific pronouns. And the doctors who push dangerous hormone treatments and surgeries on these confused kids? They get a free pass. It’s absurd. Just plain absurd.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, here’s another curveball from a Pew Research survey. This poll astonishingly reports that more than a majority of Americans – an incredible 55% – are now okay with the federal government restricting ‘false’ information online.

False information? By whose definition? Pew doesn’t clarify that little detail. And we’re left to wonder, don’t these respondents want to know how the government will define ‘false’ before signing up for this sort of censorship?

But, hey, I suppose if someone is willing to let Uncle Sam:

  1. Trample all over their Constitutional rights,
  2. Scrutinize every word they write, even private messages to their loved ones,
  3. Become the supreme arbiters of ‘truth’, and
  4. Treat them like disease-ridden rats that pose a threat to society…

That person is probably gullible enough to permit the FBI to look over their shoulder without questioning HOW this federal censorship program would be enforced.

This erosion of freedom is nothing new. Benjamin Franklin saw this coming centuries ago when he wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” He couldn’t have been more right.

If these two alarming polls turn into actual policy, then let’s paint a picture of what that future could look like:

The federal authorities would scrutinize every nook and cranny of the digital world. Say you refer to a transgender woman as ‘he’ – they’ll detect it, delete it, and then haul you in for ‘misgendering.’

If this ever becomes our reality, calling America a ‘free society’ would be an outright lie. It would be the epitome of ‘false information’.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the final survey for today.

The Brown Daily Herald, affiliated with the Ivy League institution Brown University, unveiled a poll revealing that 38% of its students identify as LGBT+. Yes, 38%!

Let’s contrast this with the national average. According to a 2020 Gallup poll, only 7% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBT+. Now, isn’t that a glaring disparity? It couldn’t be more obvious – Brown University is favoring LGBT+ admissions.

This favoritism is as clear as the Democratic scheme to put Donald Trump in jail because that’s what they do, put their opponents in jail, which is where all this is ultimately leading.

To those who continue to be gaslit into believing that the LGBT+ community is marginalized, I ask them to rip those crusty and worn blinders off their eyes.

Brown University is clear evidence of a calculated push to elevate the LGBT+ agenda above all else. This is not just an orchestrated effort to gently nudge traditional values off the cliff but an all-out assault aimed at crushing and pulverizing those brave enough to defend them.

The LGBT+ influence is spreading like wildfire – from corporations to Hollywood, from media conglomerates to academic institutions, and most disturbingly, penetrating the very core of our government.

Here’s one more jarring piece of data for you: a whopping 66% of all federal, state, and local government employees hold a college degree or higher.

If, say, 38% of these college graduates are identifying as LGBT+, consider the implications.

What kind of influence will they exert, particularly when a large portion of the populace favors the censorship of opposing views?

When you look at these surveys collectively, a deeply troubling pattern emerges.

We stand on the precipice of an unsettling tide of thought policing, unprecedented government overreach and censorship, and the threat of criminal prosecution for those bold enough to counter the prevailing LGBT narrative, the surge of woke ideology, or the proliferation of far-left dogmas.

This isn’t about equality or fairness anymore – it’s about dominance. And it’s unfolding at a pace that should alarm us. The stakes have never been greater.


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