Gay groups keep shouldering their way to front of virus victims’ gallery


Once again, no matter how bad you think you have it with being sick, threatened with sickness or being stuck at home unable to pay your bills … homosexuals have it worse.

Or perhaps the media just can’t think in any other way.

LGBTQ groups across the country say their funding is drying up as they try to keep offering support to a community that they claim is much more vulnerable than regular people to COVID-19. VICE quoted a March memo from Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David that homosexuals and transgenders are less likely to have access to paid leave or health insurance and tend to work in industries that have been shut down by coronavirus, which both puts “them in greater economic jeopardy.”

At least they are not trying to support children, in most cases.

LGBTQ groups across the country claim the disease outbreak has severely harmed their ability to bring in funding and revenue, and many have been forced to cancel events and fundraisers during the crisis.

Weeks into the pandemic, LGBTQ groups said they are already feeling the strain. Human Rights Campaign cancelled three fundraisers in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Houston, and a representative said the L.A. event alone could result in a loss of “possibly up to $1 million.” GLAAD was forced to cancel its annual media awards, which Chief Communications Officer Rich Ferraro estimated would cost the organization some $2 million. The peculiarly named Family Equality was forced to cancel a May fundraiser that typically brings in about $1 million and may have to pause another event in the Fall.

VICE reached out to nearly 20 LGBTQ groups for its story, and almost all reported that they’d had to cancel or postpone upcoming events because of the pandemic, costing them critical fundraising.


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