CNN’s upcoming gay-themed presidential debate is not what you think

By Martin Mawyer, opinion

Homosexuals are politically powerful, extremely wealthy and have politicians, entertainers, news media and world leaders eating out of their hands.

They win virtually every legal battle, have their lifestyle promoted in public schools and on television, and are treated like royalty at fashion shows and award ceremonies. 

Yet on October 10, in what is being hailed as a “historic LGBTQ presidential town hall” to be aired on CNN, homosexual activists will get the opportunity to ask Democrat presidential candidates how they plan on easing their daily pain and help them overcome their woeful, appalling and downtrodden existence.  

CNN, whose prime-time ratings are cratering and whose employees are already in a “panic” over their future, will attempt to regain nationwide viewership by hosting a gay-themed presidential debate called “Power of Our Pride” in Los Angeles next month.

The name of the event alone admits to the POWER homosexuals have. But that’s not enough. Apparently they need super powers.

So far, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Amy Klochubar, and Kamala Harris have accepted the invitation.

I’m sure there will be many more.

I have no doubt there are homosexuals who face discrimination and harassment in America. I’m not denying that. 

But who hasn’t faced some form of harassment and discrimination in our divided society?

What about conservatives and Christians who face discrimination and harassment FROM the homosexual community?

Under pressure from the homosexual community, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees apologized for appearing in a commercial to promote, “Bring Your Bible to School Day.”

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees just faced that type of harassment earlier this week after appearing in a commercial to promote “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” which was sponsored by the Christian group, Focus on the Family.

Brees was viciously attacked and criticized by the homosexual community (and their liberal friends) because the group sponsoring the 22-second ad is allegedly an anti-homosexual organization that is also listed as a “hate group” by the now debunked Southern Poverty Law Center.

The most abusive attacks against Brees can’t be printed here.  No one really wants to read that hate-filled filth.

On the slightly lighter side, however, some Twitter users said Brees needed to be in the “Hall of Shame,” rather than the “Hall of Fame.”  One outraged homosexual pronounced him a “bad person, not human.” While another Twitter user wrote that it would have been better if Brees were promoting an ad that said, “Bring your Satanic bible to school.”

The attacks against Brees were so fierce, so disturbing and so relentless that he would later come out and apologize for participating in the Bible promo.

He had no idea the video was sponsored by an “anti-gay” group, he would say, adding, “I do not support any groups that discriminate or have their own agendas that are trying to promote inequality.”

Of course, a person can be considered anti-gay nowadays if he or she simply switched television channels to avoid seeing two half-naked men locked in a passionate embrace and kiss.

The homosexual community, which throws tantrum fits every time a LGTBQ member is directly harassed, has absolutely no problem harassing the straight community even if they are only guilty by association.

And what about the continued homosexual harassment against Christians?

W.W. Bridal Boutique was “Permanently closed” after homosexual activists threatened to burn the business down, shoot the owners in the head and rape their children.

Christian owners of W.W. Bridal Boutique in Bloomsburg, PA were forced to shut their shop down last year after homosexual activists orchestrated a public hate campaign over their refusal to service same-sex weddings.

Lisa Boucher, a co-proprietor of the shop, said the bridal boutique received threats that their business would be burned to the ground, their children raped and their owners shot in the head. 

“They said they hoped our children would be raped,” Lisa said.  “The threats included shootings, arson and rape,” Lisa said.  “I think that’s what hurt the most. Targeting me is one thing.  But to go after our families, our children?”

Many, many more examples could be cited of aggressive homosexual behavior to get people fired from their jobs, their businesses blacklisted and their careers blocked because they espoused biblical-based truths about homosexuality.

CNN’s foray into a gay-themed presidential debate is not just historic because of its subject matter, but because presidential debates have never before focused on a single subject.

Does this open the door to “theme” debates focusing solely on pro-life issues, traditional values or religious persecution?  Probably not and for good reason.

These questions can always be asked and addressed during a normal debate.  And who is going to watch a two-hour debate focused around a single subject?  

CNN is about to find out.  Not many.

So why is America’s oldest news cable outlet televising the “Power of our Pride” presidential debate?

Simple. It’s not for an overall increase in total viewership.  No one expects that to happen.  Instead, it’s to increase LGBTQ viewership – steal them away from their sister liberal network, MSNBC.

CNN ratings are tanking.  

Here’s what Forbes said late last month about the network:

“In July, second quarter ratings showed the pit CNN has fallen into: in prime time, first-place Fox drew an average audience of 2.387 million viewers, well ahead of MSNBC (1.674 million viewers) and CNN (761,000 viewers).”

Tanking ratings mean less ad revenue.

But if CNN can increase their ratings by courting viewership from some of the wealthiest segments of American society – the overall LGBTQ community – perhaps they can stay on the air, keep their staff and prevent primetime hosts from fleeing the network.

It had already been well established that the average lesbian makes more money than straight women.  Then, in 2017, it was documented that gay men make more money than straight men.

The study “found that gay, full-time employed men made, on average, 10% more than similarly employed straight men.”

The CNN broadcast of the upcoming gay-themed “Power of our Pride” presidential debate is less about addressing the perceived ailments and grievances of the homosexual community, and more about attracting wealthy viewers who have disposable income – those who don’t have to worry about saving money to raise sons and daughters, or putting kids through college or taking children to expensive doctor visits.

Unlike penny-pinching straight married couples, the homosexual community can afford those advertised trinkets, luxury retreats, flights, cars, expensive cosmetics, and the night out for a dinner and a movie — all complemented with fancy drinks and desert, of course.

It’s not the size of the crowd that matters most to CNNß, but the girth of their wallets.


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