George Soros is Bankrolling TikTok Activists to Push Ultra-Left Agenda on Young Voters

Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros. Illustration by Midjourney.

In a shocking revelation that should have every red-blooded American up in arms, the New York Post has uncovered the sordid details of billionaire Democrat donor George Soros’ latest scheme to undermine the very fabric of our great nation.

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Soros, who has a notorious history of bankrolling the most radical left-wing causes, has now turned his attention and his seemingly bottomless pockets towards manipulating the impressionable minds of our youth through the popular platform TikTok.

Through his Open Society Foundation, Soros has funneled a staggering $300,000 to a group of TikTok activists operating under the guise of ‘Gen-Z for Change’.

This group, previously known as the blatantly partisan ‘TikTok for Biden,’ is hell-bent on pushing the ultra-left agenda of open borders, ending cash bail, and defunding the police onto younger voters.

Soros is essentially buying influence to indoctrinate the next generation with ideas that threaten to tear our society apart at the seams.

This is a calculated move, with President Biden himself turning to these social media activists to peddle his policy agenda.

The Oval Office was in cahoots with these activists, even inviting them to witness the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill recklessly injects $473 billion of new spending into climate and healthcare initiatives.

Even former Sen. John Kerry admitted the legislation “has nothing to do with inflation.”

The audacity of these activists knows no bounds.

Victoria Hammett, the Deputy Executive Director of Gen-Z for Change, recently took to TikTok to spew vulgarities and misinformation about the state of Iowa’s abortion laws to her 800,000 followers.

Meanwhile, group founder Aidan Kohn-Murphy openly supports a range of radical policies, including the Green New Deal and Palestinian liberation, claiming that a “vast majority” of Gen-Z supports these extreme measures.

And let’s not overlook the disgraceful attack on Republican representative Elise Stefanik, who was baselessly accused of pushing ‘neo-Nazi and white supremacist’ narratives by member Conor Stayton.

This kind of slander is unacceptable and clearly indicates this group’s dangerous path.

But the real kicker is the staggering $5.5 million Soros funneled to the nonprofit Accelerate Action Inc., which then distributed at least $300,000 to this group in 2022 alone.

The majority of Accelerate Action Inc. income, a jaw-dropping $8.3 million, reportedly comes from Soros, a man who has long meddled in American politics with his vast wealth, backing liberal politicians and policies that have led to a surge in crime and lawlessness in our cities.


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