Georgia pro-life supporters begin 40-day vigil outside area clinic

40 Days for Life is an event where volunteers will maintain vigil outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Marietta, GA

Shawn Carney, a leading pro-life supporter and creator of the “40 Days for Life” project encouraged more than 200 people to fight for outlawing the abortion procedure in Georgia.

During the kick-off for the “40 Days For Life” event in Marietta on Tuesday, Carney told the room that “Georgia is a state that is trying to do what it can to be abortion-free. It’s not just legislation, because that’s not what we do, but they’re doing the work at the grassroots level.”

In May, Gov. Brian Kemp, signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the country, which outlaws the abortion if fetal cardiac activity can be detected by the doctor.

The 40-day anti-abortion campaign began Wednesday and will last until November 4, where volunteers shall maintain vigil outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Marietta and other parts of the country.

Rachel Guy said that this was a powerful opportunity to advocate on behalf of women by showing them that they deserved better and there were people who cared. Guy is leading the Marietta campaign.

The vigil was undertaken two days after pro-choice activists took to federal court to argue that Georgia’s anti-abortion law should not be made effective in January. A ruling is awaited on the lawsuit by US District Judge Steve C. Jones.


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