Girls skipping school, refusing to drink water to avoid using unisex bathrooms

Female British students are living in fear, dread and anxiety if they have to share unisex bathroom facilities with boys, says the Social Affairs Correspondent for the Daily Mail, Sanchez Manning.

Some girls are skipping out of school if they are menstruating.  Others are refusing to drink liquid during school hours to keep from using the bathroom.  While others say they simply feel “unsafe.”

“Girls who are menstruating are so anxious about sharing facilities with boys that some are staying at home for fear of being made to feel ‘period shame,’” Manning reported.

Parents and teachers are warning school officials of the serious health risks to girls who refuse to drink liquid while at school.

Dr. Tessa Katz, a general practitioner, told the Daily Mail that girls holding in their urine for prolonged periods could increase their chances of suffering from urinary and bladder infections.

Mental health problems also pose a risk to girls who constantly live in fear, embarrassment and public shaming.

“The psychological effects of girls not feeling safe enough to use mixed-sex toilets is also concerning,” Dr. Katz said.

According to The Sun, both doctors and politicians are now calling on schools to halt the move as a way of protecting female pupils.

The trend for public schools in England to open single-sex toilet facilities is being “driven by the wish to be more inclusive of children who identify as transgender and wish to use the same facilities as the opposite sex,” Manning wrote.

But the trend is not happening without injecting negative consequences.

Many parents are now expressing their anger and outrage.  At the Deanesfield Primary School in South Ruislip, West London, parents have launched a petition campaign against the introduction of unisex toilets. 

One upset mother said, “The cubicles were open at the bottom and top so older pupils can easily climb up the toilets and peer over.”

Tory MP David Davies, who says transgender rights are overriding those of women, said, “If girls are not comfortable sharing toilets with boys then schools should make provision for them, rather than saying girls have got a problem.”

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