Google does blacklist conservative news

The Sun. GOOGLE blacklists Conservative news websites, a whistle blower has claimed as he now fears for his life.

Zachary Vorhies, a senior software engineer who worked for the web giant for eight years, reportedly leaked hundreds of documents including one called “news black list site for Google Now”.

He claims it shows a list of web pages Google restricts, including Conservative websites such as The National Enquirer, Infowars and Media Matters.

The former Google employee spoke to Project Veritas, a non-profit organisation that claims to expose corruption, after he was allegedly approached by police in San Francisco, California.

Mr Vorhies alleges Google called police on him to perform a “wellness check” after he supposedly leaked the files.

He also told the non-profit he has added a “dead man’s switch”, which will activate the files in the event he was “killed or assassinated”.

Mr Vorhies said the firm’s actions are “hypocritical at the least and it’s perjury at the worst” after the CEO Sundar Pichai testified in front of Congress last year to say Google was not biased.

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