Google whistleblower says tech company IS politically biased against conservatives

Greg Coppola, who has worked for Google since 2014, says the tech giant has merged with the Democrat party.

Daily Mail. A Google whistle blower has spoken out to expose the company’s ‘biased’ algorithms and insist that it is politically motivated despite bosses’ repeated claims that it is neutral.  

Greg Coppola spoke to Project Veritas to share his views and said that while he ‘respects’ his manager, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, his comments on bias are inaccurate.

He claims to be based in New York and says he has worked for Google since 2014. 

Coppola said that there were a ‘small number’ of people whose jobs were dedicated to promoting certain news sites over others and that the bias is left-leaning, favoring CNN and The New York Times. 

‘A small number of people do work on making sure that certain new sites are promoted.  And in fact, I think it would only take a couple out of an organization of 100,000, you know, to make sure that the product is a certain way,’ he said. 

Coppola added: ‘I think it’s, you know, ridiculous to say that there’s no bia

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