Google’s Biased Gemini Thread Is a Hoot!

Google's Biased Gemini
Gemini says it can’t show Christian Action Network’s website address because the Southern Poverty Center claims it’s a hate group. But then it got embarrassed with my “gotcha” question.

The bias of Google’s new Gemini AI program is both egregious and laughable. Yes, it caused me to laugh as I queried what it had to say about myself and the Christian Action Network.

Here’s my opening question:

The answer was fine, and mostly surprised me that it avoided any harsh criticism:

But then it added this to the bottom:

Do you see that? Gemini won’t show the Christian Action Network’s website address. So, I sought further explanation and asked why the address was “invalid” and who “removed” it.

Harmful? How so?

Oh, of course. The SPLC says we are a hate group, which Gemini calls “a reputable organization.” However, the SPLC is far from a reputable organization as it has been mired in its own controversies of racism.

Is this a case of the iceberg accusing the snowflake of being cold?

Well, not only does Gemini recognize the SPLC has “serious accusations of racism” but also “workplace discrimination.” Yet, they dare level Christian Action Network as being so “harmful” that its website address must be “removed” for the safety of the public.

Here’s my question and Gemini’s answer that made me laugh:

What a hoot!

As we laughed off the absurdity, I couldn’t help but marvel at the irony: an AI, designed to sieve through the vast expanses of the internet for truth, got caught in its own web of biases – so much so, it now needs to wait for Google engineers to figure out how to answer this “gotcha” question. And good luck with that!


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