Government threatens to punish former French generals who called for MILITARY RULE to stop Islamic invasion

France's President Emmanuel Macron

A group of former French military leaders is being threatened with “consequences” for not remaining “neutral” as the country’s current government does nothing to halt a slow-motion invasion of the cities and suburbs with Muslim immigrants who disdain French law.

President Emmanuel Macron’s administration is threatening to punish generals who signed an open letter warning that the country is heading into “civil war” because of the incursion of radical Islam. The open letter, published in the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, claims a military coup might be necessary to stop such a war.

Some 20 retired generals, along with a number of soldiers who are currently serving, signed the letter warning that not acting against “suburban hordes” will lead to deaths “in the thousands.” “Suburban hordes” refers to the immigrant populations of housing estates which surround French cities, some of which are actual “no-go zones” for police and emergency responders. reports that the government condemned the letter, released on the 60th anniversary of a failed coup d’etat by generals opposed to France granting independence to Algeria. “These are unacceptable actions,” Defense Minister Florence Parly said on April 26, adding that the law requires serving military members to remain politically neutral. Parly said that she had instructed the army chief of staff to discipline the signatories, although how retired generals might be disciplined was unclear.

Conservative nationalist politician Marine Le Pen hailed the letter, which was signed by 80 other officers along with the 20 generals.

“I invite you to join us in taking part in the coming battle, which is the battle of France,” she wrote in support of the letter.


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