Greenfield Outs ‘Sellout’ Republican Reps For ‘Equality Act’ Lies

Conservative commentator Daniel Greenfield outed eight Republican members of the U.S. House as sellouts for voting for what he said was a fraudulent bill: the so-called Equality Act - who say afterwards they can improve the bill later, "the excuse that every Republican who sells out the party's principles makes." (Fox photo) – [Daniel Greenfield commenting] There’s nothing equal about the Equality Act. [passed in the U.S. House] It undermines the First Amendment in order to achieve leftist policy goals.

Here are the eight House Republicans who sold out religious freedom by voting for it: Susan Brooks, IN; Mario Diaz-Balart, FL; Brian Fitzpatrick, PA; Will Hurd, TX; John Katko, NY; Tom Reed, NY; Elise Stefanik, NY and Greg Walden, OR.

It does figure that there would be three New Yorkers in the mix. Stefanik’s vote was inevitable. Katko seems to have some odd obsessions. He’s still fighting to replace Hamilton on the Twenty with Harriet Tubman. Brooks is on the fairly liberal side . . .

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