Honor Killing of Nine Shocks Pakistan

While Texas still pursues an honor killing that took the lives of the Said sisters 11 years ago, honor killings number above 1,000 annually in Pakistan, according to rights groups reporting. But even by Pakistani standards, killing nine in one go was shocking. Laws absolving killers if pardoned by family have been challenged by new statutes aimed at curtailing the uniquely Islamic practice. (Fox photo)

Reuters – A man shot his wife, their two children and her six family members Monday, burning the bodies by setting her family’s home on fire in an alleged honor killing in Pakistan.

Muhammad Ajmal attacked as revenge for a suspected affair by his wife Kiran, said Imran Mehmood, District Police Officer of Multan. He added Ajmal, intending to carry out the killings, recently returned to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia where he worked as a tailor.

Mehmood said Ajmal confessed to the killings, adding, “This is clearly an honor killing. He saw a picture of his wife with another man and believed she was having an affair. He does not repent of his actions.”

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