Horrific Account Emerges of Baby’s Death in Hamas Terror Attack

Image by Midjourney

In an alarming disclosure, Asher Moskowitz, a first responder from United Hatzalah, has revealed disturbing details of a terror attack that took place on October 7th, claiming the life of an infant in a most brutal manner.

In a video testimony that has since gone viral, Moskowitz recounts the chilling events he witnessed at kibbutz Kfar Aza, where over 100 civilians were reported dead.

The graphic testimony details the discovery of a baby’s remains, believed to have been baked in an oven by Hamas terrorists.

“The sights that we saw were horrendous,” Moskowitz states in the video, describing the scene where bodies were being brought in for identification post-attack.

Identified as UH333, the deputy head of the El’ad branch of United Hatzalah, Moskowitz was filmed wearing his yellow high-visibility police vest as he recounted the fourth day of the conflict.

His team was at the Shura base to provide medical care and support for families seeking information about their missing loved ones. What they encountered was a scene of carnage, with several trucks arriving carrying disfigured bodies, some of whom were burned alive.

As part of the grim task of handling the remains, Moskowitz’s team also found smaller bags containing body parts.

Among these was a particularly small bag, which, upon opening, revealed what appeared to be the body of an infant. The baby, according to Moskowitz’s account, had been subjected to an atrocious act by the terrorists who allegedly roasted the child alive after killing its parents.

Moskowitz asserts that the body of the baby was swollen and had a heating element from the oven attached to it. The first responder emphasized the importance of sharing these gruesome details with the world to highlight the severity of the terrorists’ actions.

This testimony adds to a series of harrowing claims made by Israeli sources regarding the barbarity of Hamas’s actions during the October 7th attack.

Other reports have included allegations of beheadings and attacks on pregnant women. Eli Beer, the head of Israel’s volunteer EMS squad, shared a similar account, claiming terrorists had killed an unborn child and placed it in an oven.

The Israeli authorities have released disturbing images to the public, further substantiating claims of the atrocity. Among them are pictures of tiny, bloodied victims, whose bodies were so badly burned that they were beyond recognition.

The international community has reacted with shock and horror to these revelations as Israeli officials continue to document and expose the extent of the brutality inflicted during the terror attack.


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