Houston Officials Organize for and Promote Drag Queen Story Hour

Child sex offender William Travis Dees (front row-center) was a greeter and member of the so-called "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence." His offence history was found out by Mass Resistance researcher Tracy Shannon, who also saw him giving out flowers and presenting a rubber chicken to little boys, asking them to "touch it." (Mass Resistance photo)

Public funded library personnel in Houston are boosting Drag Queen Story Hour events there, organizing sponsors for a budget and planing for when drag queens and support helpers can next be assembled for an event.

Research specialist Tracy Shannon with Mass Resistance said her progress gathering public information on the role that public funds and Houston library officials have in producing drag queen events is being stunted by politically motivated obstruction.

Shannon helped local officials discover two sexual predators among the homosexual men who perform Drag Queen Story Hour events for children, but those officials are not grateful.

Her requests for public information have been rebuffed, and filings to compel cooperation under the Freedom of Information Act are also being ignored and/or stonewalled. She nevertheless found evidence of local government entanglement favoring the events.

From library-sourced social media communications, Shannon found discussion regarding library efforts to get Drag Queen Story Hour events back on track after city officials and library leaders agreed to stop the Houston events.

Library leaders hope to get events lined up for this summer.

American Library Association communications also note efforts to help drag queens, including opening doors to promote the drag-queen book readings to new sponsors so new funding sources can be found.

Tracy Shannon with Mass Resistance addressed Houston City Council recently, offering a primer on possible impacts to toddlers and young children and asking Houston officials to intervene and stop Drag Queen Story Hour events in Houston. (Mass Resistance photo)

Association standards include neutrality on outside groups using equal-access facilities for their events.

“They are breaking their own rules on this,” Shannon said. “These obviously are not organically sourced programs, when library officials and Library Association connections are needed to find sponsors for it.”

She added that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and his council are very liberal, and support the LGBTQ agenda. “We have a very pro-LGBTQ mayor here,” Shannon said.

So it was no surprise to see the pivot from an apology that toddlers and young children were exposed to sex-offender homosexual men, to an immediate effort helping the events continue.

“There was no sincerity in their comments,” Shannon said. “They were putting the DQSH thing on hold,” and at the same time, they were letting their LGBTQ friends know the resources that were in gear to get new events lined up.

There remains confusion whether library officials can affirm that criminal background checks on drag-queen story readers and event greeters were done as purportedly required.

He was there giving flowers away and asking little boys if they wanted to touch his rubber chicken

Tracy Shannon of Mass Resistance

Shannon said her FOIA demands include a full audit of all criminal background checks done and all documents regarding the individuals performing the readings or taking part as greeters.

Also, how have past events been funded and organized? How involved have library officials and Library Association members been in the Houston? Or the rest of the country elsewhere?

“What are they hiding?” Shannon asked. “For starters, I think they are probably hiding more criminal backgrounds of other drag queens. I think they knew [of the two she uncovered.]”

On a national scale, according to Shannon, many municipalities do no criminal background checks, claim no such intention to do so, and they even allow drag queen readers and greeters to perform on a stage-name basis alone.

Few among the library officials or police at those locations knew who the cross-dressing, sexually provocative performers with close contact to toddlers and children were by actual name.

Just a taste of what that means, Shannon described a scene recently in Houston: William Travis Dees, one of the two exposed sex offenders, as a greeter interacting with small children.

“He was there giving flowers away and asking little boys if they wanted to touch his rubber chicken,” she said.

*** In homosexual drag-performer and sex-solicitation circles, a rubber-chicken prop signals a homosexual pedophile’s lust for sex with small boys ***


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