‘I’ll bust your head in,’ woman shouts before striking Christian preacher who needed 30 stitches

Police said the man was rushed to NYU Langone Medical Center when the train stopped at Times Square.

Daily Mail. An elderly man preaching on a New York subway was left bleeding profusely from his head after a woman struck him in the head with her stiletto. 

The 79-year-old man, who was holding a Bible at the time, was preaching on a southbound No. 2 train heading into Times Square when he was attacked last week.

Police said the woman, believed to be in her 30s, removed her gold stiletto and struck him in the head in the middle of the crowded train at about 10.30am on October 24. 

Video taken by shocked onlookers shows the woman, who was dressed in a brown coat and black pants with bright red hair, holding her shoe and shouting at the elderly man just before the attack. 

She was filmed waving her stiletto in his face and saying: ‘You want me to bust your head in this morning, huh, b***h?’

When the man continued to preach, the woman screamed: ‘F**k your mother, f**k your God. Get the f**k out of my f***ing face or I’ll bust your head in.’ 

The woman then struck the man with her stiletto, causing him to immediately start bleeding from his head. 

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  1. Doubt it. People tend to run at the first sight
    of a rifle and the about the 2nd/3rd bullet fired (takes a second
    for people to register they’re hearing gunshots).
    Hell, the Santa Fe, Texas shooter had a revolver and pump shotgun and was able to kill 10… https://santaruntexas.org/


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