Illinois bill would put menstrual products in boys and girls school bathrooms

Tampon and pad dispenser.

An Illinois Democrat state representative is doing what Democrats do best: putting menstrual products into the bathrooms of middle- and high school boys.

It’s an actual proposed bill, and if it’s passed students in grades four through 12 could soon find free tampons and pads in their school bathrooms, according to ABC 13 News in Virginia.

“I think as we started to see there are some schools that are adopting the ability for students to pick their own bathrooms, however they prefer,” said chief sponsor of the bill, State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D–Aurora.

Can these students pick whether they menstruate or not? According to Democrats, apparently yes.

Some people also don’t have the money to buy period products, Hernandez said, although presumably they are able to buy toothpaste, toilet tissue, soap.

State Rep. Avery Bourne, R-Morrisonville, said she understands the intent behind the bill but that “Schools will be incurring a cost that is unnecessary, potentially coming into some disciplinary issues with students.” She explained that schools know their students’ needs and already have the flexibility to give them menstrual products when they need them. She says this bill would take away from that flexibility.

“You’re going to have fourth-grade boys’ bathrooms, where there is absolutely no need and the school knows there is no need, but they’ll still have to provide it,” Bourne said.

Hernandez said her bill would be adding on to an existing law from 2017 that requires Illinois schools to have free period products in girls’ bathrooms from sixth to 12th grade.

This bill is still awaiting a final vote on the House floor. A decision could be made by the House on April 30.


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