In Massachusetts, Parents May Face Child Abuse Charges for Denying Transgender Medical Procedures

Simulated Mid-Journey photo of a mother being arrested for refusing her child transgender medical care

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth Calls for Legal Intervention in Parental Decisions on Transgender Medical Procedures

The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth, in its infinite wisdom, is now recommending that parents should be held liable for child abuse if they dare to refuse transgender medical procedures for their children.

And just when you thought the world couldn’t possibly become more topsy-turvy.

“Given the exponential rise of transphobia, we must examine the welfare of trans and gender-expansive youth at home,” the enlightened group opines.

Their plan?

To redefine child abuse laws to include refusing “gender-affirming care” as a potential crime.

When did parenting become a community-group decision, with the state holding the ultimate answers and enforced with restraining bracelets?

The same report simultaneously advocates for “parental rights for LGBTQ families.” This includes easing the way for couples who’ve had children through surrogacy to claim full parental rights.

Do you see the irony? You’re golden as long as your parental choices are gay-friendly and state-approved.

But what on earth is “gender-affirming care,” you ask?

Good question!

The report mysteriously fails to provide a clear definition. But fear not; we can piece it together. It typically refers to a demand that parents accept irreversible sex change procedures for their child.

Yes, you heard that right, irreversible.

Don’t forget the controversial puberty blockers often praised as the ultimate solution for children to explore their “gender identity.”

A harmless game of dress-up, right?

Except for those tiny, insignificant complications with bone development and maturation later in life. Numerous European countries view these blockers with increasing skepticism, branding them as “experimental.”

Welcome to the brave new world of parenting, ladies and gentlemen, where you’d better follow the script… or else!


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