Insane: A Christian Mother Denied Adoption Due to Her Gender Beliefs

Christian Mother Denied Adoption due to her gender beliefs
Jessica Bates sues Oregon for allegedly barring her from adopting a child over her faith. (Alliance Defending Freedom)

As the war on traditional values brews in our great nation, the latest victim is a Christian mother from Oregon, who, in her quest to give a loving home to a child in need, has been denied the opportunity to adopt.


Because her deeply-held religious beliefs about gender don’t align with the ever-growing radical progressive agenda.

The mother in question, Jessica Bates, is a devout Christian and wanted nothing more than to provide a safe and loving home to a child in need of one.

However, the state’s Department of Children and Family Services denied her request to adopt because her beliefs about gender were “harmful” to the child’s well-being.

Here’s what Bates told Fox & Friends First Wednesday morning about her dealings with the adoption certifier for the state agency.

[“I] reported to my certifier because they really emphasized the sexual orientation and gender identity training, that you have to support it,” she said.

“I emailed her and told her I couldn’t do that because of my faith, and then we had a phone call and, because I wouldn’t take a child for cross-sex hormone injections, I was basically told that I’m ineligible to adopt in the state of Oregon.”

This perfectly illustrates how the left has weaponized the state to force its radical social agenda onto the American people.

Instead of prioritizing the child’s best interests, who desperately needs a loving home, they would let that child languish in the system rather than be placed with someone who doesn’t subscribe to their dogmatic beliefs.

With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, the mother has now filed a lawsuit against the state, fighting for her right to adopt a child without being forced to abandon her religious convictions.

As we’ve seen repeatedly, religious freedom is under siege in America.

In a nation founded on the principle of religious liberty, it’s alarming that we’re witnessing this blatant attack on a person’s faith.

What’s even more troubling is that this is just one instance in a larger pattern.

We’ve seen Christian business owners sued for refusing to provide services that conflict with their faith. We’ve seen religious schools facing increasing scrutiny and threats of losing funding or accreditation if they don’t comply with the radical progressive agenda.

The left claims to champion tolerance, diversity, and inclusion, but these values only apply when you agree with them.

The truth is they are more than willing to trample on the rights of individuals if it means advancing their agenda. Then, they use the power of the state to enforce their will, punishing anyone who dares to stand up for their beliefs.

As this mother fights for her right to adopt, we must remember that the real victims here are the children. They are the ones who suffer when the state prioritizes politics over their well-being.

The left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, and we must be vigilant against their continued attacks on our most fundamental values.

It’s time to put children’s needs above politics, stand up for religious freedom, and protect all Americans’ rights, regardless of their beliefs.


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