Iowa bans transgender women from competing in female sports

Gov. Kim Reynolds/ Facebook

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa took a brave stand for real women against the idiocy of the transgender fad on March 2, signing legislation to ban transgender “women” and “girls” from competing in female sports at Iowa schools, colleges and universities.

Legal experts expect House File 2416 to be taken to court, reported the Des Moines Register.

Transgender Iowans, LGBTQ  groups, some businesses and Democrats say the law discriminates against males who want to pretend to be females, and who need you to pretend with them.

Reynolds said that the law is “a fairness issue” because of a simple fact: biological males overwhelmingly tend to outperform females at athletics. In recent years 10 other Republican-led states have passed laws protecting real women from transgender athletes.

Signing the bill at the Iowa Capitol, Reynolds was surrounded by Republican lawmakers and a crowd of happy girls who participate in school athletics. She said: “Great things happen when women have access to the fair and equal playing field they deserve. But what would it say about a commitment to this principle if we let actual playing fields — the courts, fields, rinks, pools and tracks of youth and collegiate sports — be tilted in favor of biological males with inherent physical advantages?”

Reynolds’ staff said she did not discuss the legislation with any men who were pretending to be girls before signing it into law.

In the background of Thursday’s signing, Iowa Safe Schools executive director Becky Smith held up the transgender flag — because there is an official flag for men who are pretending to be women, and need you to pretend they are as well.

“It’s really just a reminder that transgender students matter, that they’re here, that they are not going anywhere,” Smith said. “And despite the fact that their rights are being infringed upon by the passage of this bill we stand with them, we have not forgotten them and the fight continues for LGBTQ youth across the state.”


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