AA mechanic with suspected ties to ISIS denied bail in Florida jetliner case

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani charged with sabotaging and American Airlines jetliner is now accused of having ties to ISIS

A disturbed 60 year old American Airlines mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, who was accused of sabotaging a flight’s navigations system, was denied bail on Friday after prosecutors revealed his potential ties to the murderious Islamic State. 

Alani is suspected to have glued a tube inside the navigations system of an aircraft due to take off in Florida from the Miami International Airport.

The veteran employee allegedly sabotaged the system to cause the flight to be canceled or delayed in a bid to obtain overtime. 

Prosecutors at a preliminary hearing in Miami Federal Court revealed that ISIS propaganda, including graphic images of a man being executed, were found on Alani’s cell phone. 

Lots of people believe Alani should not be free because of his alarming beliefs. 

Alani allegedly sent a message along with the video to someone stating that Allah will take revenge against non-Muslims.

One of Alani’s co-workers revealed that he had traveled to Iraq in March to visit one of his brothers who was a soldier for the Islamic State. However, Alani’s roommate claimed that the visit was to search for a brother who had been kidnapped. 

Alani is not charged with any terror-related crimes as of now. He is an Iraqi-based naturalized US citizen. 


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