ISIS Bride Seeks to Prepare Terrorist Son for Future Attack in America

Hoda Muthana is likely utilizing rules of Takfir deception in an attempt to raise an ISIS terrorist in America, bringing him here for secret preparation. She refuses to tell details of how she linked with ISIS elements in Syria. She does not renounce Sharia rules. She remains "hijabi" for the sake of sharia adherence to strict codes of conduct. Her prophet said, "war is deception." (ABC News photo)

Insider – An American woman who left her life in Alabama to join ISIS in Syria where she called for violent attacks on US soil, asked for forgiveness and said she would like to return. Hoda Muthana was a so-called ISIS bride . . . (who) joined the terror group in Syria where she married fighters.

Muthana tweeted violent calls to action from her new home in Syria, including a request for people to use pick-up trucks to ram crowds of people on patriotic holidays.

A March 2015 tweet said: “Go on drive byes, spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day . . . Kill them.”

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