ISIS Defector Exposes Syria-Sourced Attack Via Mexico Border

An ISIS defector said that he wasn't certain of the targets, and that he himself refused to participate in the plan. "What they want to do, basically is, they want to do financial attacks to cripple the economy," Abu Henricki explained. (Police photo)

The Daily Mail – An ISIS defector claimed that the terror group plotted an attack on the U.S. by sending operatives from Syria through the southern border with Mexico.

Researchers for the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism shared their report of a May 12 former ISIS fighter interview. The Canadian fighter with dual Trinidadian citizenship spoke to researchers while in custody of a militia in Rojava, Syria.

At the end of the lengthy interview, as the researchers were about to leave, Abu Henricki opened up about a sickening ISIS plot he said he was recruited for in 2016, after traveling to Syria to join the group. He added the mastermind of the plot was a New Jersey person.

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