ISIS propaganda and beheading videos flood free speech Twitter alternative, GETTER

Getter Screenshot

It turns out Democrats and murderous, sociopathic Islamists are definitely Best Friends
Forever, especially when it comes to hating Donald Trump.

What makes it clear is how the pro-Trump social media network GETTR is suddenly being
flooded by terrorist propaganda from Islamic State jihadists, just weeks after its launch.

That’s right, ISIS-level religious murderers are doing the work of the Trump-hating left.

Former Trump adviser Jason Miller launched the platform on July 4, as those in the ousted
president’s circle have tried to fashion an alternative to Twitter and Facebook, the heavily
censored social media giants that banned Trump for nothing more than being loved by millions of their other users.

GETTR promises free speech, and the jihadis are taking advantage of it by posting videos of
beheadings and horrific memes calling for violence against Western nations and people.

One stark giveaway was a depiction of a terrorist “executing” Trump in an orange jumpsuit like those worn at Guantanamo Bay, according to a review of online activity shared with Politico.

“We will come at you with slaying and explosions you worshippers of the cross,” wrote one
account whose name references the Islamic State. “How great is freedom of expression.”

GETTR so far has the highest profile of any conservative alternatives to mainstream social
media. On the Apple app store, GETTR bills itself as a “non-bias social network” that will “allow anyone to express their opinion freely.”


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