Islamic Center Settles on $Multi-Million Sexual Abuse Case

Nur Ul Islam mosque in November paid a multi-million-dollar settlement to three of an undisclosed number of statutory rape victims through 2008 at the madrassa-style academy there. Four years after the case broke, the perpetrator has not been arrested. His whereabouts are not known. The investigation is still active and charges are still pending. (Facebook photo)

Miami Herald – A Cooper City Islamic school and mosque have agreed to a multi-million dollar legal settlement with three former students who say a teacher sexually abused them over a decade ago.

A lawsuit filed in Broward County Circuit Court in 2014 alleged Nur-Ul-Islam Academy and mosque were negligent as a teacher named Tariq Ahmad, now 39, sexually abused at least three female students in their young teens from about 2004 to 2008. The women, who are now all in their mid- to late-20s, will benefit from the undisclosed amount, according to their lawyer, Scott Mager.

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