Islamic Jihad Attack Plan #105 Foiled By FBI Sting Operation In Toledo

A plot to slaughter Jews in Toledo is numbered the 105th known active attempt to form a deadly Islamic Jihad attack in America since 9/11. It was foiled by an undercover FBI sting operation. (Newscom photo)

The Daily Signal – In early December, an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Ohio arrested 21-year-old Damon Joseph for planning an attack on a synagogue in Toledo, Ohio. Joseph was inspired by ISIS, making this the 105th Islamist terror plot or attack since 9/11 against the U.S. homeland.

Law enforcement first located Joseph on social media where he made posts of weapons and in support of ISIS. Undercover agents contacted Joseph and he sent them ISIS propaganda and recruitment literature.

He expressed support for violent “martyrdom operations” in the U.S., and following the attack on the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue in October. Joseph expressed interest in carrying out a similar attack.

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