Islamic Sheikh Calls ‘Merry Christmas’ Worse Than Murder

According to Sheikh Kathrada, Muslims must be offended when people worship Jesus, and congratulating non-Muslims on Christmas and other "false festivals" is worse than the sin of murder, for it is like approving of them. (MEMRI video still)

It is obvious to many that Islamic religious authorities are probably not very impressed with Christianity or the gospels.

But what may surprise some is how the rebuke by Islamic Ayatollahs, Sheikhs, Imams and Mullahs against Christianity’s celebration of Christ’s birth is particularly focused on rejecting the worship of the Christ Child.

Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer said that it takes a deeper study of the differences between the two religions to understand why.

A better example of Islamic rebuke against Christmas cannot be found than Sheikh Younus Kathrada’s rant at a recent Muslim Youth of Victoria event in British Columbia, Canada, uploaded to social media by the youth organization on December 23.

Kathrada said that obedient good Muslims should be offended by the worship of Jesus, and congratulating non-Muslim Christians at Christmastime or other “false festivals” is even worse than murder.

He went on to say it is worse than adultery and any other major sin. By the end of the sermon, he even stressed that while he never calls on faithful Muslims to kill non-Muslims, they must understand the priorities of Islamic justice.

If a person were to commit every major sin – committing adultery, dealing with interest, lying, murder… If a person were to do all of those major sins, they are nothing compared to the sin of congratulating and greeting the non-Muslims on their false festivals,” he said.

“This doesn’t mean that we treat the non-Muslims in a bad way or that we deal with them unjustly,” he added. “I’m not saying, and I’ve never said, go out and just kill them.

in denying christ, the son of god, they deny the lamb of god

“No! Because Allah tells us not to allow the enmity that may exist between you and a people to cause you to be unjust towards them. Rather, be just.”

Kathrada did not elaborate on what being just might include according to Islamic law and the Koran that teaches such passages as, “Act like you’re their friend, and then kill them.”

Mawyer said that Christians should be more aware of the differences between Islam and Christianity, the Koran compared to the Bible.

“The worship of Jesus as the Son of God is absolutely anathema to the Islamic religious authorities,” Mawyer said.

“Many don’t know that in Suras (verses) of the Koran, and also written in stone around the inside of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, are such comments as, ‘Say not that Christ is the Son of God.”

Islamic authorities say that they revere Jesus Christ as a great representative of God, a prophet, and one who rose to Heaven so he will return again.

Mawyer said that the banter about Christmas is a good example, and therefore opportunity, to pinpoint the critical differences between Islam and true, Biblical Christianity.

“In denying Christ, the Son of God, they deny the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,” Mawyer said. “They sadly deny the gospel.”

Other Suras note: Say not that Christ is crucified and Say not that Christ is risen from the dead.

One thing that Kathrada and Mawyer did find agreement on in their diverse comments about Christmas is the mutually exclusive nature between Islam and Christianity, confirmation that they can not be the same or one religion.

***Sheikh Kathrada, born in South Africa, and he studied in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He is currently assigned to work in British Columbia for the Vancouver-based Al-Madinah Islamic Society.


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