Islamic terrorists behead 11 Christian hostages on Christmas day

A video released on Christmas Day showed 13 hostages, 10 believed to be Christian and three Muslim. ISWAP claimed they spared the lives of two of the Muslims

Jihadis wanting to show the world some kind of revenge for the October death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria have murdered at least 10 Christian men in Nigeria, if an ISIS-released video is to be believed.

Baghdadi was a military target killed in a military operation, yet the ISIS retribution is of a pointedly religious nature.

The militant group posted the footage on its online Telegram news channel on Thursday, the day after Christmas, and said the atrocity was revenge for the deaths of Baghdadi and a spokesman at the hands of U.S. forces.

The clip showed men in beige fatigues and black masks lining up behind blindfolded captives then decapitating 10 of them and shooting an 11th man.

An earlier video obtained by Reuters said the captives had been taken from Maiduguri and Damaturu in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, where militants have been fighting for years to create an Islamist state. But the authenticity of either video has yet to be verified.

Islamic State in West Africa Province split from the militant group Boko Haram in 2016 and has become the region’s dominant jihadist group. Islamist insurgents have killed around 30,000 people in northern Nigeria in the past decade.

Islamic State leader Baghdadi died during a United States military raid in Syria and Muhajir in a separate military operation – both over the same weekend in late October.


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