Islamist Attacks Killed 84,000 in 2017, Blair Group Report Says

A Clarion Project map of Islamic jihadist attacks in Europe demonstrates the global nature, numbers and prevalence of the problem. (Clarion Project map)

CBS News – A new report tracking the roots, spread and effects of violent Islamist extremism found that 121 groups that share elements from a common ideology are now operating worldwide. Their activities resulted in the deaths of 84,000 people – nearly 22,000 of them civilians – in 66 countries in 2017, the report found.

In remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Thursday that Islamist extremism is “global and growing.”

“It didn’t begin with al Qaeda; nor will it end with the defeat of ISIS,” Blair said. The “Global Extremist Monitor,” . . . drew on hundreds of English-language news sources that reported on incidents of violent extremism in 2017.

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