Islamist Fraudster Gets Greedy, Goes More Than $1-Million in Gains

Islamists are among the most productive fraudsters bilking the nation's food stamp program. Food stamp fraud schemes are quite common in convenience stores across America. A GAO report this year found that criminals trafficked at least $1 billion in food stamp benefits this year alone. In areas where many franchises are leaving because of urban crime, Islamist franchises are active, but one went above the $1-million threshold for a federal investigation in Louisiana. (APD photo)

Breitbart News – A Louisiana convenience store owner is accused of carrying out more than $1.2 million in food stamp fraud where he bought food stamp benefits off of local patrons on the government dole.

Authorities arrested Mohammad Abudayeh, 25, of Alexandria, on March 14 and charged him with multiple fraud charges — including money laundering, unauthorized use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, racketeering, computer fraud, and bank fraud.

The Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud Unit opened an investigation into the owner of an Alexandria convenience store in June 2018 after receiving a tip that he had been purchasing SNAP benefits from patrons receiving those benefits.

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