Islamist Insurgents Caught in U.S. by ICE Sue Over Islamic Sharia Demands

The Islamist insurgent detainees are also suing the Glade facility over an argument that halal meals are available at the ICE detention facility at Krome, about 100 miles southeast of Glades, located in Moore Haven, Florida, so they want Glades to obtain halal food stuffs from there. (Google Maps photo)

The Intercept – Muslim Immigrants Detained at a Florida jail made more than 20 requests, orally and in writing, for religious accommodation through last year. . . . They wanted their meals to be religiously compliant, to be able to make their five daily prayers without obstruction and to have access to basic items like prayer rugs and copies of the Quran.

The officials at the Glades County Detention Center, which doubles as an immigration detention center, ignored or denied those requests, according to five Muslim men at the facility. Now, they’re suing.

On Wednesday, the men, all of whom came to the United States as refugees from Somalia, sued the Glades County sheriff and other county employees, as well as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


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