It was a COUP all along

Donald Trump Jr. named CIA officer Eric Ciaramella as the whistleblower who filed a complaint about President Trump.

The democrat lawyer of the so-called “whistleblower” who was going to “reveal” the contents of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader about… until the president ruined his lying testimony by releasing the transcript of his call released the transcript…

… declared right after the 2016 election that they were conducting a COUP and were going to get rid of Trump.

Again, understand the reason they hate Trump so much:

Despite all their fixed primary election for Crooked Hillary, despite all their collusion with Russia, Ukraine and other entities to fabricate dirt on Trump, despite massive amounts of foreign money being illegally used, despite all the criminal acts committed against American citizens by the Obama CIA, DOJ, State Department, FBI and others, despite their massive voter fraud and illegal voters and despite their lapdog lying fake news media lies and distortions… they LOST their fixed election to Donald Trump.

They HATE him, and they HATE you and me and millions of us deplorables for voting for him. And from day one they determined to get rid of him…

First Russian collusion… until it was revealed that they were the one who had colluded with Russian and other foreign interests.

Then the Ukraine “quid pro quo” charge … until it was revealed that their man Joe Biden actually demanded a “quid pro quo” of Ukraine not receiving foreign aid unless they protected Biden’s son from a corruption investigation.

Then it was Ukraine bribery…  which is now being revealed that it has been the democrats and their lying media who were conducting bribery coercion and threats to individuals connected with this president to turn against him and provide or invent information harmful to him.

Now it is being reported that the Democrats will be going back to their old stand-by “crime” of “obstruction” as their next HOAX tactic in their COUP strategy. Of course, obstruction in reality means that he has thwarted their attempts to frame him.

Liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz calls this Democrat impeachment a scam. (AP/Sergei Chuzavkov)

Essentially… they are continuing their attempts to frame and impeach President Trump…

For the very criminal acts committed by their man former VP Joe Biden, whose son was on the payroll of a Ukraine company while his father was in office in order to gain influence in the Obama regime… and when Ukraine prosecutors sought to investigate the company for illegalities, Joe Biden threatened to withhold foreign aid unless they sacked the investigator… which they did.

Liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz calls this Democrat impeachment scam largely like past Soviet-era KGB “show trials” where guilt had already been determined.

Since the day he was elected, the Deep State has been working to overturn the presidential election they lost and bring about a COUP to remove this duly elected president.

This is the bottom line:

The Democrat impeachment SCAM is an attempt to interfere in the 2020 election – because Democrats have admitted that they cannot beat the president in a fair election.

They are suing the Ukraine issue against President Trump to keep the focus off the fact that they used Ukraine sources to help fabricate dirt against candidate Trump to help affect and steal the 2016 election and to help deflect from their massive collusion and corruption as with the Biden Ukraine  scandal.

(The Blaze, Washington Times, FOX News, End of Day: Gary Bauer, Politico)


Adam “Lyin Shifty” Schiff has been continuously lying since the 2016 election.

Since 2016 until this year, he continuously LIED to the public that he had “proof” of the President’s so-called crimes… and has yet to ever provide any facts.

He has repeatedly LIED to Congress and the public stating that he had never with the so-called “whistleblower” and other “witnesses” to the President’s impeachable “crimes. 

Then it is revealed that he not only met with both beforehand, but also instructed them on what they should testify. He has illegally altered transcripts produced in secret to only say what he wants them to say to hurt the president.  No republicans or representatives of the president were allowed to even be in the witness room.

Adam ‘Lyn Shifty’ Schiff was accused of orchestrating a ‘calculated coup’ by Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. (AP/Andrew Harmik)

Now that Democrat Kangaroo Court open hearings are supposed to begin, he has laid down to restrict what Republicans are allowed to ask the witnesses – in order to keep the truth from being publicly revealed. He is denying Republicans to call their own witnesses in defense of the president.

Despite all the efforts of the lying media, including Facebook, You Tube and other liberal social media to protect the identity of the so-called “whistleblower” because they know he is a fake … (though all these same media outlets rushed to name the brave whistleblower who revealed how ABC and other liberal networks sat on the Jeffrey Epstein child molester story in order to protect Crooked Hillary and Rapist Bill Clinton…).

… numerous sources have reported – even inadvertently by dumb Lyin Shifty Schiff in published testimony – that the “whistleblower” is long-time democrat operative Eric Ciaramella, who was reportedly was a former CIA employee formerly detailed to the White House until fired – for purposes of spying on the president.

He has ties to Obama figures, John Brennan, former CIA director who hates the president, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck The Schmuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton and others from the Deep State of bureaucrats and career politicians threatened by Trump’s independence.

We are learning that several democrat impeachment “witnesses” are now being revealed to have previously met with democrat staffers… or Lyin Shifty… or LIED under oath… which is the crime of PERJURY and would be prosecuted as such if it were you or me lying to officials.

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Lyin Shifty of orchestrating a “calculated coup” to take down President Trump.

(CNBC, Rush Limbaugh, Washington Times, The Western Journal, Daily News)


Tied so closely to the Democrat fake impeachment SCAM, is the true-life, unethical and probably criminal acts of both Joe and son Hunter Biden and other big-names and the many Ukraine ties that bind them.

Former VP Joe Biden has publicly admitted that he demanded a “quid pro quo” for the Ukraine government to halt an investigation into the energy company that his son Hunter was paid extravagantly for – or he would personally hold up foreign aid.

(Note how what Biden actually did do is exactly what Democrats are accusing President Trump did…)

And it has been reported that the Ukraine energy company under investigation actually requested that the Obama State Department pressure the Ukraine government to drop their investigation.

The ties that Biden run deep and wide.


We know that Joe Biden’s son was “employed” with one Ukraine company… but some reports state that Nancy Pelosi’s son had business dealings in Ukraine… John Kerry’s son had business dealings with Hunter Biden… and even fake republican Willard Mitt Romney had a top advisor with business dealings with Ukraine companies.

Apparently, Ukraine interests were covering all their bases in their efforts to gain favor with whomever had influence in the DC Swamp.

It (The Blaze, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, The Hill, The New Yorker, Red State, New York Post)


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