Jailed women in California are suing over new law placing biologically male prisoners in their facilities

Feminists, usually a rock-solid leftist voting bloc, are starting to chafe at the notion that “trans” men can be women just because they want to. A woman’s rights group has even sued the state of California over a new law requiring prisons to house transgender inmates according the genders those inmates want to be.

The law was authored by a man, Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, who characterized those filing the suit as “transphobic” for identifying transgender inmates as potential threats, as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

The lawsuit filed by the Women’s Liberation Front in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California says the new law puts other inmates in danger, with plaintiffs alleging they were sexually assaulted by inmates who identify as transgender or gender nonbinary. The lawsuit claims one of the alleged attacks happened after the law took effect; the timing of the other alleged assault was not specified.

Several of the plaintiffs report having been domestic violence victims. Other plaintiffs cite their religious beliefs, which they say are being trampled when they are forced into accommodations with men pretending to be women.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, 291 inmates at male correctional institutions in California have requested transfer to female institutions. Some 41 of those transfer requests have been approved, six rejected, 10 withdrawn and the rest are still under review by the department. In addition, seven incarcerated people at female institutions have requested transfer to a male institution. All of those transfer requests remain under review.

Sen. Wiener accused the feminists, amazingly, of being right-wing stooges.

“To broad-brush the trans community and claim that basically all trans women are sexual predators is false, it’s completely slanderous, but it’s out of the right wing playbook in terms of attacking trans people,” he said.


  1. Too bad you were arrested in California. In that state, just like The Olypics’ women’s weightlifting, these “non prostate owners” will lose.

  2. … their facilities ??????????

    Sorry ladies. Those facilities belong to the tax payers whose hard earned funds are confiscated by the lefty government aka public sector unions to house you in more security and comfort than most of you have ever known.


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