Jewish Intellectuals Rebuke Sarsour, Defend Jesus’ True Heritage

Intellectual Jewish advocates with the American Jewish Committee defended the historical heritage of Jesus of Nazareth, noting facts from the New Testament in response to objectionable pro-Palestinian comments by Linda Sarsour, adding, “Try cracking a history book, Linda. It’ll blow your mind." (Reuters photo)

The Algemeiner – A leading Jewish group blasted anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour on Sunday after she falsely claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian.

Responding to a post about whether Jesus and Moses were “Middle Eastern,” Sarsour tweeted, “Jesus was Palestinian of Nazareth and is described in the Quran as being brown copper skinned with woolly hair” . . .

In response to Sarsour’s claim, the official Twitter account of the American Jewish Committee tweeted, “Mentions of Judea in the New Testament: 48. Mentions of Palestine in the New Testament: 0. Which makes sense,” said the group, “because the name Palestine was only applied to the region by the Romans in 135 CE.”

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