Jihadist Woman Turns to Christ, Hopes Others See the Light

A Pakistani convert to Christ has a testimony that includes almost becoming a suicide bomb terrorist. She said, "One day . . . they said whoever will give his or her life for Allah, Allah will repay that fully and also their parents will get into Heaven." (Reuters photo)

The Christian Post – A Pakistani convert to Christianity who nearly blew herself up in the name of Allah says a spiritual journey that began with a dream transformed her from being a jihadist teen into a devout Christian who’s making disciples for Christ.

Born in 1982 to strict Muslim parents in a 97-percent Muslim majority nation, one thing “Esther” (not her real name) ever wanted was for her father to accept her. But that acceptance never came.

Even though she did well in school, Esther and other women in her community were not allowed to pursue a high school education without approval from their fathers or closest male relatives.

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