Kentucky Church Slams Trump, Declares ‘Sanctuary’ Status

Speakers talk to media at St. William Catholic Church on West Oak Street as it announced it would now be a sanctuary church. Oct 8, 2019

On Tuesday Morning, parishioners, local church leaders, and groups stood outside St. William Catholic Church, which is part of the Archdiocese of Louisville, to reaffirm their identity of being a “sanctuary congregation” that blatantly rejects the “ultra-racist stand” of the Trump administration.

Members of the local church took turns to read a public statement that singled out “tolerance for white supremacist terrorism and encouragement of harsh enforcement by ICE and Border Patrol agents” by the Trump administration.

This is news worthy because most Catholics across the country don’t agree with sanctuary cities, congregations, or areas.

The public statement further read, “When immigrants, black and brown persons, Muslims, LGBTQ persons and other communities are under attack, Christians cannot remain silent. We therefore affirm our commitment to sanctuary, understood not simply as offering space in churches, but as an active praxis of solidarity.”

St. William members stated that they shall partner with other local groups and congregations, such as Interfaith Coalition of Immigrant Justice, La Casita Center, and Mijente Louisville to create a “sanctuary network” that would offer short-term shelter to people facing emergency situations.

Earlier, the church was involved in offering shelter to illegal immigrants in an adjacent building, but has since stopped that practice. The building is now converted into a youth center.


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