FAKE Child Protective Services workers attempt to kidnap child

Jessi McCombs says two people falsely claimed to be Child Protective Services workers and attempted to abduct her son

Two people pretending to be Child Protective Services workers attempted to abduct a young boy in Washington state.

Jessi McCombs, of Marysville, said a man and a woman arrived at her door to take custody of her young son. The potential kidnappers knew her son’s name, age and date of birth. They falsely claimed the boy had injuries.

They showed up at her house at 7:30am last Monday morning.

McCombs said the woman claimed “she was with CPS and that she was there about my son’s injuries and that they were to take him into productive custody.”

At first she believe it was simply a case of mistaken identity, since her son did not have any injuries.

‘[I] thought for sure she had the wrong house until she told me his name and birthday,’ McCombs said. ‘I asked her, “Can you show me some identification? Can you show me this order that you supposedly have?” She refused to show me that.’

Fearing the pair were their to kidnap her child, she pretended to call 911, which prompted the two “CPS” workers to leave.

‘She said, “We’ll come back later,” and they left in a hurry down the stairs,’ McCombs said.

According to CPS, workers carry identification at all times, cannot take a child into protective custody without a signed court order and are always accompanied by police officers.


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