Kirkwood challenged by academic group over ousting of Antifa professor

Jeff Klinzman (Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette)

The American Association of University Professors, a century-old national association known for advocating campus academic freedom, is criticizing the removal of a self-avowed Antifa supporter, Professor Jeff Klinzman, by Kirkwood Community College.

Klinzman had previously written on his social media account that all Evangelical Christians should be killed.

“Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground,” Klinzman wrote 

Kirkwood could be facing censure if they rebuff these demands made by the AAUP.

Director of the AAUP’s Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance, Gregory Scholtz, told The Gazette in an email, “I can’t rule it out. Our goal when communicating our concerns with an administration is to start a dialogue that ends in a resolution that honors our standards.”

The AAUP urged the reinstatement of Klinzman, who was removed following provocative online commentary, in a letter that spelled the organization’s understanding of why the longtime adjunct professor was removed from Kirkwood.

The association stated that a faculty member should be afforded due process before being unceremoniously removed citing an 80-year-old academic freedom guidance, which indicates that only unfitness while on the job could qualify as ‘adequate cause’.

Kirkwood President, Lori Sundberg, argued that it was Klinzman who decided to quit and that he was not fired, though the college did remove him from the classroom following security concerns.

However, Klinzman maintains that his decision to resign was coerced and made after undue influence. He was given a choice between resigning and being terminated.


  1. This So called Professor should surrender his teaching credentials for supporting such an extreme leftist group. His position on Antifa
    Only promotes the violence and destruction of property.


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