Landslide wins for opponents of critical race theory in Texas school board, mayor and city council races

Carroll High School

Popular reactions to teaching programs that portray the United States as a historic hell-hole of racism – a specialty of leftist politicians, academics and media figures – are starting to come in and they are not positive.

Some nine months after officials in Texas’ wealthy Carroll Independent School District floated a proposal to denigrate their country under the banner of combating racial and cultural “intolerance” in schools, voters delivered resounding victories on May 1 to a slate of school board and City Council candidates who opposed the plan, reports NBC News.

Candidates in the city of Southlake were split between those who backed new “diversity and inclusion” training for Carroll students and teachers and those supported by a political action committee formed last year to defeat the plan.

Leftists argued that curriculum and disciplinary changes were needed to make all children feel safe and welcome in Carroll, with the apparent exception of children raised to honor and appreciate their country. Conservatives in Southlake rejected the diversity plan as an effort to brainwash students with far-left ideals based largely on lies and division.

Candidates and voters on both sides described the election as divisive for the wealthy suburb 30 miles northwest of Dallas. “So goes Southlake,” a local conservative commentator warned in the weeks leading up to the election, “so goes the rest of America.”

The contest did not end up being even close. Candidates backed by the conservative Southlake Families PAC, which has raised more than $200,000 since last summer, won every race by about 70 percent to 30 percent, including those for two school board positions, two City Council seats and mayor.

Turnout was also unprecedented. More than 9,000 voters showed up, three times as many as in similar contests in the past.


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