Lawsuit filed by Christian Action Network results in school district delaying transgender policies

Warren County School Board/ Facebook

After the Christian Action Network and the Family Foundation of Virginia filed suits against the Virginia Department of Education over new policies about transgenderism, at least one school board has delayed the adoption of the policies.

The Warren County School Board voted 4-0 in early July against adding the policy updates to the division handbook until the litigation has proceeded through the courts. Schools Superintendent Christopher Ballenger said the lawsuits, filed in March, prompted the board’s action, reports The Northern Virginia Daily.

“You never want to jump the gun too early and, of course, you know, we want to make sure we make the best decision for our students and for the community,” Ballenger explained.

Board members and division officials had concerns about the policy, Ballenger said.

At the board’s July 7 meeting, more than a dozen people urged members not to include the Virginia School Boards Association policy updates, pitched as preventing discrimination based on a person’s gender identity. The policy updates require school districts to accept students’ gender identities and allow them access to facilities and opportunities according to those identities.

They also, however, impose potential penalties on teachers and other students who choose not to buy into other students’ notions about what gender they might be, and use language such as pronouns in ways they know to be inaccurate and wrong.

The crowd cheered and gave the Warren County board a standing ovation when members voted to not approve the updates.

Some people who spoke up at the meeting said they worried that male students pretending to be female would use bathrooms or locker rooms intended for women. Other speakers questioned the entire concept of fluid gender identity, and some expressed their beliefs that transgenderism goes against biology and Christianity both.


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