Lawsuit filed on behalf of teacher fired for opposing critical race theory in schools

Kari MacRae/ Facebook

A conservative nonprofit is stepping up to help a high-school teacher who dared speak out in opposition to critical race theory, and was actually fired from her Massachusetts school district for doing so.

Critical race theory is the leftist doctrine that the United States is built on racist institutions that benefit only whites, despite the fact that numerous black Americans have been highly successful and a half-black man even served two terms as president.

Judicial Watch on Nov. 29 filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Kari MacRae, who was terminated in direct retaliation for social media posts opposing critical race theory in schools.

Filed in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, the lawsuit seeks damages against Hanover School Superintendent Matthew Ferron and Hanover High School Principal Matthew Mattos for retaliating against MacRae, who teaches math and business teacher at Hanover High School.

MacRae, who in May of 2021 was elected to the Bourne School Committee early in 2021, said she made the video posts on TikTok prior to her hiring at the school and in her personal capacity as a citizen and candidate for public office. She was fired from her job on Sept. 29.

In an interview published Oct. 13, MacRae told the Cape Cod Times: “I got fired specifically for a social media post I made. That’s a violation of free speech.”

Facts detailed in the suit are that Mattos met with MacRae on Sept. 24, 2021 and told her he was investigating six memes and two TikTok videos posted by MacRae that found their way into a Sept. 22 article in the Boston Globe.

Among the statements in MacRae’s May 18 video was:

“So pretty much the reason I ran for school board and the reason I’m taking on this responsibility is to ensure that students, at least in our town, are not being taught critical race theory. That they’re not being taught that the country was built on racism. So they’re not being taught that they can choose whether or not they want to be a girl or a boy.”

In a letter dated Sept. 29 Mattos fired MacRae from her position at Hanover High School. Ferron reviewed and approved the firing.

The lawsuit points out that no Hanover High School parent or student had ever complained about MacRae’s social media posts.


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