Leftists on UK Plane Subvert Justice, Halt Deportation of Jihad Rapist

A victim of gang rape in London was not told by authorities but found out through social media that one of her rapists, a Somali Muslim man versed in Islamic belief of forcing sex with non-Muslims as a form of jihad, was turned from deportation by leftist passengers on the plane because leftists are supporting terrorist jihadists to subvert law and order in western nations. (Daily Mail photo)

The Daily Caller – The victim of a 2007 gang rape spoke out against a group of plane passengers who protested one of her rapist’s deportations in a viral video. The victim was 16 when she moved out of her parent’s U.K. home and into a hostel.

She said she lost track of her friends while out late one night at a bar in August 2007 and a man led her to a flat where Somalian Yaqub Ahmed and three others raped her. Neighbors heard her cries and alerted the police, who arrested all four men.

Ahmed was ordered deported in October 2018, but passengers on his flight to Turkey intervened, saying, “Take him off the plane!”

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