Lesbians Target Christian Designer Over Wedding Dress Refusal

Dominique Galbraith's Facebook profile features photos of Bible verses and Christian-themed messages, including one that reads: "You want God to fix the problem when God wants to fix you, and He's using the problem to do so." (Facebook photo)

The Daily Mail – A lesbian couple from Missouri said a New York based designer refused to make them a wedding garment because their same-sex relationship violated her religious beliefs.

St. Louis-based Tiffany Allen and Angel Lane recently contacted Dominique Galbraith of D. Auxilly Designs to inquire about a $1500 jumpsuit. They were stunned by the designer’s e-mail reply.

Galbraith wrote: “Thank you for reaching out . . . However, I wouldn’t be able to make a piece for a same-sex wedding. It goes against my faith in Christ. I believe Jesus died for our sins so that we would live for him according to His Holy Word.”

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